Oregano -Pimple Expert

I saw this term Ajwain ki sookhi patti and immediately thought of carom seeds (ajwain) which are good for digestion and gastric benefits but obviously I also needed to know what it is commonly known as. I was surprised to learn that it is Oregano. Yes, my favorite flavoring in so many foods.But what really […]


Pudina-The Summer Slayer

Yes obviously, this we have all heard of. The most refreshing herb especially during the blazingsummers. Well Grandma did not only use it for teas, curries and as mouth freshner, but also in some beauty regime.A great organic go to remedy for acne prone skin, Pudina instantly soothes the skin. This home made remedy is […]


What is Grandma’s Diary

Rekindling the love lost in ages! We are all obsessed about how we look, how we feel and we follow multiple regimes, TV channels, magazines, influencers to make sure we look our very best everyday. In this we have got used to so many products, fads and chemicals without realizing it does more harm in […]