About US

Passion and belief in Organic and Natural Products is what brings a crazy bunch of us together in building Grandma’s Dairy. While we folks work with various leading brands as digital marketers our passion and strong belief in an Organic way of loving life got us together on this journey. We use, endorse and suggest products that are well researched, credible brands and of course have used it ourselves!

As we began our quest by researching, discussing and curating content,we all kept brainstorming on ideas and tips that more often than not have been given to us as “nuskha” (tips) by our mothers who have got this from their earlier generations. Which is how our idea became “Grandma’s Diary” where we realized each of our grandmas had a wealth of this knowledge which somewhere has got lost in time and lifestyles we lead. In our earnest attempt, we will bring all that back and hopefully take you back the memory lanes to spend time with your grandmas through the solutions and ideas we share

We are happy to connect with you and hear more from you, To together build a family that strives on practicing usage of chemical free, non-toxic, natural and healthy products to better the quality of life we live. You can always chat with your loving “Grandma” by mailing her on grandma@thegrandmasdiary.in. In the times of seeing a fad every second week, let us connect back to our roots and truly love #cleanbeauty!

These being personal interpretation of knowledge should not be considered as prescribed cure for any medical ailment without professional guidance.