Hair Loss Remedy for PCOS

Hello to all the beauties!! Today I decided to write about a health problem that many women face – PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Since this condition brings about a hormonal imbalance in the body, it affects the skin and hair in many ways.

Some people experience excess facial and body hair, while the others suffer from hair thinning and hair fall. In this condition, the hair does not grow back on its own. However, with treatments or home remedies, one could try to stimulate hair growth. And that is exactly what this blog is about. What can we try at home to handle this hair thinning or otherwise known as Androgenic Alopecia or female pattern hair loss. Being honest, I must tell you that these remedies tackle this problem only to some extent, but since they are all natural, they do not have any side effects and it is the best first option in this scenario. So here goes…

1) Essential Oils– These oils are very popular in the skin and hair industry and are used in combination and mixed with a carrier oil. To promote hair growth you could use Lavender, Saw Palmetto (this, in the capsule form) , Cedarwood, Thyme and Basil. Take few drops of each oil and mix it/dilute it in coconut or olive oil. Warm the mixture and massage it onto your scalp. Leave it for an hour and wash off using a mild shampoo and conditioner.

A small tip: You can add few drops of these oils to your conditioner as well. They contain all necessary ingredients to stimulate hair growth.

2) Pumpkin Seed oil- Regular use of the Pumpkin seed oil has been proven effective for hair growth. This oil can be directly applied to the scalp. It is nourishing for the scalp and also shows an increase in the hair count. For starters you can try Herbins Pumpkin Oil.

3) Gotu Kola– This herb is popular for its properties that help increase hair length and stimulate hair growth. You buy this in a powder form and mix it with water and use. It is also available in an ointment form. Try your hands on Satva Gotu Kola Powder

4) Ginseng– This root is quite potent and in known to have a lot of benefits for hair. The easiest way would be to buy Ginseng supplements online (they are inexpensive and will last for long), break one capsule and mix it with coconut or jojoba oil. This is a one stop remedy for all hair related problems. You can also use shampoos and conditioners that have Ginseng as one of its ingredients. Easy to try Zandu Ginseng Capsules

I know there are a lot more recipes available but these four according to me work well for this condition. Before ending this blog, I want to tell all you guys that it is very important that you eat nutrient rich food, workout/exercise regularly and keep stress away. Without this, the external remedies wouldn’t be effective.

So please, stay fit…keep smiling��

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