My Favorite Picks for my Skin Routine

Hey guys!! Today I am writing something about myself….I mean obviously you read the title and you know what I am trying to tell you.

Before I jump to tell you all about my faves, I would like to describe my skin a little. I have an oily-sensitive type of skin. Moreover, I have a serious acne problem (not much lately: do read my blog on acne because those ideas really helped me). I also have heavy pigmentation issues as well; sorted quite a bit but then you never know right? My complexion is towards the medium-dark mark and as of now I am trying to keep fine lines at bay.

I told you these things because my favourite products which I use in addition to my other remedies, help to deal with the above mentioned issues. So, lets get to it.

To begin with-

Deep Cleansing :

1)Shankara Deep Cleanse Facial Ubtan, is what I use in case I need some deep cleansing in the mornings. I mix it with little water and apply it and leave it on the skin for 5 mins. After the wash, the skin feels clean and so supple. It does not rip off the essential skin oils but still gives my skin a new life.

2)I also use the Shankara Purifying cleanser (Lavender and Neem) of the same brand in the evenings in case I want to get rid of makeup and other impurities on the skin at the end of the day. It takes it job seriously but at the same time is gentle to my sensitive skin

For exfoliation, these days I am hooked onto the Skin Yoga Almond Orange scrub. It is just perfect for sensitive acne prone skin.

For toning, I have recently stated using Vaunt Watermelon and Seaweed face mist. This is as light as water and will work for all skin types. It not only perks up my skin, it also hydrates it throughout the day. It also makes the pores on my skin less visible. Do try this one.

For Moisturisers. I try to moisturize my skin twice a day and they get used up a lot. I like a couple of them.- Forest Essentials Lavender and Neroli and The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting moisturizer. These are for the face as of now.

Now comes my favourite part- Face masks.

Face masks- I do not splurge on them as much because I prefer homemade masks for the variety so that my skin doesn’t get used to one particular product. Despite that, the masks I would want to tell you about, work as fabulously.

1)For acneLove Organically Tea Tree and Neem mask (a must try). I also am quite fond of the Brightening face mask. At times, I add a little honey to it for an extra boost.

2)Ohria Sandalwood and Mint clay masque– need I say more? Its all there. It practically is a one stop solution for a lot of my skin problems. Sandalwood, Mint and Clay. If you have read my previous blogs, you will see that Mint and Clay are practically present even in my DIYs.

3)Skin Yoga Sandalwood and Saffron mask- This mask is typically not suited for oily skin but however I have noticed it works quite well to reduce fine lines. At times, I add a little Rice powder to this mask, just to reduce the oily part and for skin lightening. Overall, this imparts a beautiful glow to the skin.

For serums: I have a few of my favourites which I have already listed in my previous blog . Do check those.

That’s it for this blog. Obviously, I will come back with a set of another favourite products. In case you try any of these, do let me know if you liked it. Stay fit…keep smiling

One Comment

  1. Sangeethasruthi S

    The Ubtan cleanser is a great tip, with a plethora of ubtan’s out there it is difficult to choose. Your Mint, Clay and Sandalwood mask is bang on!

    Am going to check out your Serums next.


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