Serum for Acne prone Skin

Hello beauties!! I have written quite a few things about acne and how to deal with it. Sometimes the acne needs some extra work done on it. This blog is mostly about that. Today I want you guys to know the different types of serums available in the market for your acne care. These are purely organic and should definitely be used during bedtime. They are not too expensive and are easily available online. And being organic makes them safe for a long-term use as well. So here we go

1) Vital Organics Acne Gel Serum– This serum contains Vit B3, Vit E and Lactic acid. The other major ingredients are Tea Tree and Apple Cider Vinegar. Not only is this effective for acne but also helps get rid of whiteheads and blackheads with regular use.

2) Frankincense and Hemp Facial Oil by Juicy Chemistry This is an excellent choice for spot treatment. It houses acne fighting ingredients like Sandalwood, Tea Tree, Neem, Frankincense and Hemp. It effectively acts on acne without striping the skin of its natural oils.

3) Neemli Natural’s Turmeric and Olive Squalene Elixir This facial oil is extremely hydrating and great option to fight acne. It also helps brighten complexion. It also contains Vit C, Wheatgerm oil, Hempseed oil, Rosehip and Carrot oil.

4) Acne Activating Serum by Myoho-This is excellent for treating acne, especially for the oily skin type. It contains Glycolic Acid, Kalonji Oil, Papaya extract and Pro Vit B5.

Do try out these products. Hope you find these effective for your acne concern. My friends have a good opinion about these. Let me know yours .Do write to us!!!


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