How to deal with Frizzy hair during Monsoons

Rains are a relief from the scorching summer heat, but the showers tend to pose a lot of concern for our tresses. Yes, frizz takes the lead here. I am writing this blog literally with a DIY mask on my head. And this is just the beginning…. ☹
During these days I heavily depend on DIY masks. My hair has undergone several treatments like curling, straightening, Keratin. Yes, I still haven’t coloured my hair. Luckily!
So here I would like to share the masks I have tried and tested over the years and these I can swear by.
The mask sitting on my head right now is-
Banana and Coconut milk mask : Mash 1-2 bananas depending on your hair length and mix it in a cup of coconut milk, till you get a creamy mixture. Apply it and let it stay for at least 20 mins. I keep it for 30 mins.
People with curly hair
Wheatgerm oil-Castor oil-cream mask:
Take required amount of fresh cream (you can also use yogurt or mayo here) and add few drops of castor oil and 15 drops of wheatgerm oil. This mask is excellent for taming that frizz. I recommend this for people with curly hair…try it out…you will love it.

People with oily hair can try
Clay and Egg mask
Beat an egg with 1 tbsp of Bentonite/Multani Mitti and apply it to the scalp. It is a great clarifying mask which gets rid of the excess oil, whereas egg provides enough strength and nourishment to the hair follicles.
If at all you not in a mood for doing the extra work, you could try using-
Indus Valley Hair Eaze Spa mask: Excellent mask that deep conditions the hair and makes it soft and manageable. You might also see a reduction in hairfall.
Bella Vita One for All Mask: It works for the hair in various ways. As it contains Onion oil, it reduces breakage and is known to promote hair growth. The other ingredients such as Tea Tree oil, Argan oil, Milk Protein and Avocado oil, are beneficial to the scalp and hair in a lot of ways. You must definitely try this one.

Palmer’s Chia seed and Argan oil mask: This mask is also a great option for repairing damaged hair, bringing back lost shine and health of the hair. Provides excellent hydration. This one I have used a while back and had I not been into homemade masks, this one would definitely feature in my cabinet.
So that’s it guys. Enjoy the rains, love your mane and smile!!!

One Comment

  1. Sangeethasruthi S

    Your Bella Vita mask recommendations sounds too good.
    Can you please share your experience with it and share how to use it optimally? How often?


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