My Personal Favorites for Skincare

What I am going to talk about today is slightly different from my previous blogs. Today, I will share some of my personal favorites of all time. There are lot of products out in the market and I can’t claim to know all of them but at the same time I have also tried quite a few of them. Some of my experiences were not so great, whereas some were absolutely worth the money and risk.
But after these experiments, I decided to try some new unknown brands; only Natural and Organic Skincare products. So, I am going to list them below and mention the products I have used and my experience around it.
Dr. Sheth’s– This one is very close to my heart. Dr. Rekha Sheth, a prominent figure in Dermatology and Cosmetology in India and overseas, who was also my dermatologist, unfortunately passed away very recently ( R.I.P).
Coming back to the products: I bought the Dr Sheth’s Date and Quinoa eye cream and the Basic Brightening daily peel. I am totally loving them, The eye cream, to my surprise started showing results faster than I expected and the peel leaves my skin radiant. I am happy!!
Vaunt – Quite an impressive brand. I have the Vaunt Vitamin C water and, the Daisy and Vitamin B face wash. Their natural facewash is excellent for people with dry, combination and sensitive skin. The Vitamin C water is supposed to be used at night time. This one is a recent purchase and I am still for form a strong opinion about these ones.
Enn’s Closet– I could totally vote for the Enn’s Closet Illuminous skin brightening face mask.The Face Mask helps to fights dead skin, acne scars, blemishes, and cures all other skin imperfections. I use it once a week. I would like to try the Chizzle Face mask which is for skin tightening and skin toning. The other products seem quite tempting and I think I will eventually try some of them.
Raw Rituals- I bought the Raw Rituals Black Magic face scrub and I am mighty impressed by this product. Its excellent for deep-cleaning and helps in eradicating blackheads and acne. I will be sticking to this one for quite some time.

There are some other brands that my friends bought so that they could try and let me know how they feel about it. This is their way of helping me give you guys a tried, tested and honest recommendations. If you guys have tried these brands, do let me know the products and your experience with them. Would love to hear your personal favorites too. Eagerly waiting to hear in the comments section below so you can help me explore them, together maybe!

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