Skin Care during Pregnancy

Hello to all the beautiful Moms to be out there. While you are dealing with a lot of changes physically, mentally and emotionally. Adjusting to these changes can be really difficult at times, but hey it is still a beautiful journey.
As the title suggests, this blog is all about taking care of your skin during these days.
I want to begin with the common skin changes that pregnant women face:Melasma or Hyperpigmentation, Acne and Stretch marks
Now, there are a lot of topical medicines that you could procure from any store. But isn’t it safer to go the natural way?

Melasma (Hyper-pigmentation) also known as ‘Mask of Pregnancy’:
At home, I strongly recommend the use of Lemon juice, Apple Cider Vinegar and Sandalwood powder (an excellent way to get rid of pigmentation without any irritation).Here, I have penned down ingredients that are mostly acidic as they give faster results.

Acne: We totally, absolutely hate them…don’t we? Yes, we do, and I request you to not take out your frustrations on them by picking or trying to pop them. That could lead to some scarring which again need to be dealt with. So, lets just try getting rid of them by other means.
The most important step here is exfoliation. You could use Baking soda (1tsp),Oatmeal and Sugar to thoroughly exfoliate the skin. These have worked very well for me.
To get rid of acne you could use Lemon juice with chilled Cucumber juice (contains a high amount of silica which strengthens our connective tissues) or Cinnamon powder with Honey or Bentonite Clay mixed with ACV. You could also use a probiotic capsule mixed with yogurt and use it as a mask.

Stretch Marks: There is no guaranteed way of preventing these and that is a fact we all need too deal with. There is a lot written about preventing them but all we can do is try to relieve them. Here, use of essential oils like Neroli and Rosehip oil are proven to be beneficial. Mix 15 drops of these oils to per ounce of Jojoba, Olive or Coconut oil.
Apart from these, some other great options are Shea Butter and Vit E capsules applied topically.All the above mostly help in strengthening the skin and reduce the appearance of these marks.

Linea Nigra: Also known as the pregnancy line, it is a dark line that runs from the umbilicus (belly button) to the pubis. Sometimes it can also run to the upper part of the abdomen. Again, there is no proven way to get rid of it completely, it might fade with time. At home,exfoliate with Oatmeal and Baking soda. For lightening of the mark you can use potato juice mixed with honey and lemon or tomato juice or ACV with Aloe vera and Onion juice.

That’s it for this one guys. Hope you try some of these and let me know if they worked for you. Would love to hear from you. Wishing you guys good health and abundance of joy.

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