Natural Clay for Skin

Well, What I want to talk about is the clay that we see and hear a lot about in our skin care products. There are about 8 types of natural clay for skin that are often seen in various skincare products available in the market. Before I get to explaining the types, I would like to mention that reducing or maintaining sebum levels ( natural oil levels) of the skin, is the fundamental property of all the clays. It is commonly said that some of these clays can be used everyday initially and then probably be used twice a week, but I would suggest that it is not very healthy to strip the skin of its natural moisture and would recommend that initially any type of clay, should be used not more than thrice a week. There are various recipes available, however in this blog I would only be mentioning the types and their properties.

1) Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti)
The first name that comes to our mind when we talk about clay for skincare is Multani Mitti. It absorbs unwanted oils from our skin and is used as a scrub, it helps remove dead skin, blackheads and whiteheads. It does remove the oil but regularizes the sebum levels of our skin. The best part is it is effective for all types of skin; even for sensitive skin. However, it is best suited for the oily skin type.

2) Bentonite Clay
I have already mentioned about Bentonite clay in one of DIY blogs. Its my personal favourite. This clay removes the oil and its anti-inflammatory properties soothes any acne ridden skin. Here I would like to mention that when I first started using this, I saw a sudden flare up in the acne, but when I continued using it, I noticed that the breakouts had significantly reduced. So, if you experience something similar, please do not worry, unless the irritation is unbearable.

3) Kaolin (China clay)
This clay is the best go-to for the sensitive skin type. This clay comes in various colours like white, red, pink and yellow. The red coloured clay is the strongest of all. If you have an oily yet sensitive skin then I would strongly recommend that try using the pink kaolin clay.

4) Rhassoul Clay
I have personally never gotten a chance to use this clay since most of my homemade masks or products have the above mentioned three types. This clay is comparatively expensive and is used extensively in various spa treatments. It works wonderfully to get rid of dull, uneven skin tone and imparts a beautiful glow.
Do let me know if any of you have personally used it. Would love to know your experience.

5) French Green Clay
No, this is not specific to France 😊. This plant-mineral enriched clay is used in a lot of beauty products. Its powerful detoxifying properties make it a foremost contender amongst the clays that are used for beauty solutions. It is a great option to get rid of acne and acne scars and obtain a clear, even toned complexion.

6) French Pink Clay
Now this clay is a kind of Kaolin clay that I have mentioned above. This is the pink coloured version of the clay which is excellent for the sensitive skin type. I mentioned this type separately because I have seen a few face products that mention the use of French Pink clay but do not mention that it is a type of Kaolin clay.

7) Dead Sea Clay
This clay is excellent for the mature skin types. It is known to boost the skin’s elasticity, plumping it up and making the skin look smooth. It also has excellent cleansing properties and is a popular choice for combination skin type

8) Jeju Volcanic Clay
Yes, this indeed from the Jeju Island of South Korea. As the name suggests, it is from the volcanic area of the Jeju island. This is extremely effective for the oily skin type who also suffer from excessive sebum levels and the issues that come along with it.

And that’s it for this one. I would love to hear about your experiments with your favourite clay for skin.

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