Essential Oils and Hairfall

Heya guys! As promised in a previous blog, here I am, sharing my hair regime involving essential oils. I have tried using it for various purposes like hair growth, hair fall (well they kind of go hand in hand), dandruff and greying (ahem!). In this blog, I am dealing with hair fall.
It was a lot of trial and error. Like sometimes it was overwhelming. So many oils, so many uses….it was a lot to take in and try. But since I was always a little too sensitive about my hair, I decided to make it work for me.
There was a phase where I was really upset about the severe hair fall I was experiencing. Obviously, like most of us, I put my hair through various treatments like perming (that is when I destroyed my hair), straightening and keratin. It is no surprise that I ended up losing more than 400 strands in a day…sometimes more. Obviously, I ran to the doctor first. I don’t intend to lie here. I was given few supplements and was suggested to take the PRP treatment.
So, I did stick with the supplements (which had all Vitamins and some additional nutrients like Zinc, Biotin, Magnesium, Folic acid etc). But then, I also knew I want to try something which could curb the hair fall. I wanted to try something the natural way, before I invested in treatments.
That’s when I turned my attention to the much hyped ‘essential oils’. My first step was to decide on the carrier oil and that was easy, I chose Coconut oil. I also knew that Castor oil is excellent for hair growth and arresting hairfall (have been hearing about this since childhood). So, the mixture of these two oils, acted as my carrier oil.
After a bit of research, I decided to make a blend which consisted of Rosemary, Geranium, Cedarwood, Curry Leaf oil, Peppermint, Sage and Lavender oils. (yeah I know it looks a bit much, but it worked!). I did not pay too much attention to the number of drops. I ended up using maximum of 8 drops of each oil.
Method: Take required amount of carrier oil (depending on your hair thickess and length) and warm it up. Then add few drops of the above mentioned oils (not more than 8 because the quantity becomes a bit much. You could store it and use it later). Dip a small cotton ball into the oil and dab it onto your scalp. Be careful and do not burn your scalp. Gently massage and then leave it on for at least an hour before washing it off. I used to leave it overnight.
All these oils have hair thickening properties. They also boost stimulation and blood circulation in the scalp. The other properties include preventing grey hair and increasing hair thickness.
Almost within two weeks, I noticed that the hair fall had significantly reduced. It was still there but not as alarming.
I stuck to it and I am happy that I did. Later, I learned about Saw Palmetto oil (I replaced Geranium with Saw Palmetto in my blend). Saw Palmetto is mainly used for to arrest hair fall and I strongly and wholeheartedly recommend this oil to all those facing severe hair fall. Saw Palmetto is also an ingredient in various hair supplements.
I know this blog ran a little long but I hope you liked it. I would be writing a little more about essential oils for other hair concerns. Until then, love yourself, take care of your beautiful mane….. and talk to me. Would love to hear from you.

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